Safe, efficient and durable Type 4 cylinders from a manufacturer you can trust

Hexagon Composites operates one of the world’s most advanced facilities for designing, testing and manufacturing composite Type 4 pressure vessels. After 50 years of fabricating advanced filament-wound composites and 20 years building Type 4 compressed natural gas tanks, we are the global leader in the industry. Our tanks set the standard for excellence in efficiency, safety and durability.

We make two products: TUFFSHELL® tanks used to power commercial and passenger vehicles that run on natural gas, and TITAN® tanks used for bulk hauling. Our TUFFSHELL® tanks can also be found in our large capacity storage module, SMARTSTORE®, which is often used in tandem with our TITAN® solution to create mobile gas pipelines.

Hexagon Lincoln makes TUFFSHELL® tanks for compressed hydrogen gas, as well. They are used to power hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and as accumulators for hydraulic hybrid applications and offshore tensioning systems.

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