Safe, efficient and durable Type 4 cylinders from a manufacturer you can trust

Hexagon Lincoln is a global leader in the industry for all-composite Type 4 cylinders. Development and production take place at our modern facilities in the United States and Norway.

Beginning more than 50 years ago with filament-wound rocket motor cases, we’ve been producing high-pressure composite vessels before America sent a man to the moon. Our expertise was honed building for aircraft, missile, satellite, and launch vehicle programs — even the Space Shuttle. You can find our products in cars, buses, and commercial vehicles around the globe.

In 2006, Hexagon Lincoln began development on the largest all-composite commercial pressure vessel in the world. The TITAN® trailer and storage module are designed for bulk transportation of large amounts of natural gas, biomethane, and hydrogen. SMARTSTORE® is Hexagon’s lightweight HC ISO container that is easy to transport by standard trailer equipment and intermodal. You’ll find TITAN® and SMARTSTORE® in regions that are not currently served by natural gas pipelines. Industrial consumers and vehicle filling stations no longer need to wait for a real pipeline to be built before switching to natural gas.

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