Hydrogen Products

Hexagon provides Type 4 cylinders across the hydrogen value chain with vehicle tanks for cars and buses, ground storage, transportation and backup power solutions.

Hydrogen Storage and Transportation Systems

Since 2000, the world’s largest automotive manufacturers have used our cylinders for their advanced-technology hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. In 2008, we were chosen as a member of the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Storage Engineering Center of Excellence (HSECoE) to promote the use of composites for hydrogen storage with the purpose of accelerating the market entry of fuel cell vehicles.

Our cylinders are certified to these U.S. and international standards: ISO 11119, EC79/2009, METI-KHK hydrogen standards, SAE J2579, CSA B-51, and 2010 ASME Section X Class III.

Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hexagon has developed high-pressure hydrogen cylinders for fuel cell vehicles, which are fueled by hydrogen and produce no harmful emissions when operating.

Ground Storage

The introduction of fuel cell vehicles will drive the demand for Hydrogen refueling stations (HRS). The fatigue-resistant cycling properties of composite pressure cylinders make them more suitable for storage than steel alternatives.

Gas Distribution

Demand for Hydrogen distribution solutions will grow strongly as a function of the demand for transportation of hydrogen from renewable sources. Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline™ solutions are certified for Hydrogen distribution. Type 4 tanks allow more gas to be transported in a given trailer space.

Backup Power

Hydrogen fuel cells are an efficient and emerging choice for low-emission, reliable backup power used for telecommunications, emergency services and in remote locations. Hexagon offers backup power solutions with lightweight Hydrogen tanks that enhance system performance and payback.

Marine and Train

Hexagon is engaged in initiatives aimed at developing the use of hydrogen in the marine and train industry.

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